Sweden, Denmark & France 2012

Faith took me to these places…and I am blessed…

I have promised to myself once, that i would visit Eiffel tower for the second time. I was visited Paris with my family back in 1989. And that time, I said to myself that I would be here again.

And finally in 2012 faith took me to this place once again. But this time all alone, no family. Luckily i was accompanied by my colleague from Thailand. We had a 2 weeks business trip to Sweden and Paris for our transit. So we could stay 1night there before going home.

Flew from jakarta around 8pm to Singapore n had a short transit so I had to chase the long haul flight from there. Reaching Paris at 6am for another 3hrs transit to reach d final destination, Gothenburg, Sweden. I took a rest in my colleague’s hotel room. She arrived one night before from Bangkok. Her name is Chatcharee but we call her Kiki. She’s such a sweet travel companion.

Her goal in Paris was to buy an LV handbag n a gift for her boyf. πŸ˜‰ Unlike me, no shopping plan in my mind, just want to go up to Eiffel tower once again and visit some places n capture the memories with my gear 😊

What a weird girl spirit I have, huh…

So here are some shot that I got…


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    1. rlynamien says:

      Thank you 😊


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