Celebrating breastfeeding week or not?

The breastfeeding week is over..yet the euphoria between the pros n cons are still around ….just think positively…that’s the key of a successful breastfeeding actually….
And we celebrate to help family  breastfeeding successfully… (and yes, I said family, not only d mother) to spread that it is possible…to spread the words…to spread the information against myths…we celebrate to assist people getting more information….to encourage people to help mommies..
It is about teamwork and eagerness…to stop the wrong information…the myths..
It’s our responsible for the sake of all our children’s future…
We are here to support each other…and it’s not only mom’s job..but it’s ours….husbands…friends..grannys…sisters..brothers.. all of us…and we have to understand how it works before judging anything..
So let’s grab every mom’s hands…they need our support!
I just share my tips…
be open minded and persistence or specifically my husband calls me “stubborn”! 😃
Because I read so many breastfeeding information &  insisted not to follow my mom or mom in law…the heritage they have…but I still do respect them for raising me n my husband.

Happy belated breastfeeding week…i celebrate my achievement and surprisingly some friends or “a new friend” came to me to get a breastfeeding information.. and I’ll tell u…it’s my honor to help u!
Over all….it’s u to decide…to take it positively or negatively…no one can force u to.. 😊

Saya AyahASI, dan Saya Merayakan World Breastfeeding Week

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